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Do we only get things that we deserve?

Mary: Do we only get things that we deserve in life or we get things and then we learn to deserve (claim) them as growth happens?

Benoit: Actually, we deserve everything that is happening in our life … absolutely everything, good and bad, happy and sad, comfortable and uncomfortable. But the real question is not about deserving what we get. And what we get is not good nor bad, what we get is what we get, and there is a gift behind everything happening in our life … absolutely everything, happy and sad things, comfortable and uncomfortable things, blessings and catastrophes. The real question is "what is the gift of life behind what is happening to me?". And to get the gift, we have to look inside. Life is a permanent gift, whatever happens, if we take the time and the courage to look behind appearances, to feel and look inside. The gift is either the blossoming of our soul, either the opportunity to set ourself free from something that is preventing our soul to blossom, and when we set ourself free, that gives space for our soul to manifest and blossom. (…)

At the end, it is not a question of deserving as, once again, we get all and only what we deserve. It is neither not a question of believing nor understanding why things are happening to us. It is a question of being connected to ourself and the divine dimension of our being, connected to the universe and the divine dimension of the universe, to be connected to our soul and to let it manifest freely in our life through who we are. The more you will be present to yourself, to here and now, the more you will develop and feed those connections.

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