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Individual and collective
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Le Coaching

Coaching is a support process change at large, it may be the realization of a project, the development of competence, change of habit or attitude, processing in general things in his life ...

If our attempts at the rational and organizational level fail, we must explore other approaches and means to achieve our ends. Nothing happens by chance, what happens on the outside is a reflection of who we are on the inside. Emotional, physical, sensory signals… are precious indicators that bring to light what touches us and constitutes us deeply.

The specificity of my coaching is based on the accompaniment to the presence and the link to oneself, the highlighting of what is deeply essential and just for oneself, to find the right alignment and positioning, to access new resources and accelerate the transformations that must take place in our lives.

La spécificité de mon coaching repose sur l'accompagnement à la présence et au lien à soi-même, la mise en lumière de ce qui est profondément essentiel et juste pour soi, pour trouver l'alignement et le positionnement juste, pour accéder à de nouvelles ressources et accélérer les transformations qui doivent s'opérer dans notre vie.

  • Management of yourself and your emotions.

  • Release / unblock situation.

  • Change management / decision making / transition.

  • Leadership, management, communication.

Types of coaching interventions:
Bonne affaires
Gazing Out the Window
Relaxed Businessman
Homme d'affaire
Homme professionnel
Smiling Businesswoman
Jeune Consultant
Modern Business Woman
Avocat Femme
Homme dans le chandail
Homme d'affaires Fenêtre Gazing Out
Executive coaching
Sortir de la solitude du manager

As part of his duties, the manager of a large company faces the difficulties inherent in management and the loneliness of the manager:

  • not having a contact person to discuss certain difficulties that he encounters,

  • the difficulty sometimes to take a step back,

  • the pressure to make decisions that have an impact on the entourage and the environment,

  • managing the emotional impact of decisions on oneself and on others, ...

Coaching offers a space for confidentiality and sharing to help them:

  • make informed decisions and implement them effectively,

  • optimize your leadership and management skills,

  • optimize your emotional intelligence skills
    (better manage your emotions and know how to adapt to those of others),

  • identify and consolidate its roots in professional and personal life.

CCHG dirigeant
Emotional intelligence coaching
Boost your EQ (emotional quotient)

Developing your emotional intelligence skills is an exciting and very rich adventure. This requires attention and in-depth work that fits into the daily reality of the coachee. This work involves sometimes long sessions and regular contact between sessions. This is the reason why I have developed a formula specially adapted to this type of mandate:

IE skills development mandate (Emotional intelligence)
Description of the service

  • Duration: 6 to 12 months

  • 20 to 30 coaching sessions (1 session of 1h to 2h30 per week)

  • Provision of a personal online skills integration tool

  • Access to multimedia tools (videos, audios)

  • Telephone follow-up (daily if necessary)

  • Email follow-up response within 24 hours

  • Monthly flat rate

Expected results
At the end of the mandate, the coachee is able to use tools to:

  • identify your emotions (know how to detect them, take a step back to decontaminate and recognize each emotion),

  • expressing one's emotions (distinguishing between expression and emotional manifestation, knowing how to name for oneself and for others),

  • understand their emotions (know how to distinguish trigger and cause, identify the root cause (s)),

  • manage their emotions (in the relationship, in relation to oneself, in relation to situations).

CCHG individuel IE
Group coaching sessions
EI skills development
Boost your EQ (emotional quotient)

Accelerate and facilitate the development of your emotional intelligence skills by participating in a group coaching program.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Our ability to perceive, understand and manage both our own emotions and those of others is the key to our personal well-being and our professional effectiveness. Our emotions are our greatest wealth but can also be the source of most of our difficulties.

Develop and use your Emotional Intelligence to improve your communication, your relationships, your managerial qualities, your professional performance ... and above all, to better understand yourself, to know yourself better, to better interact with yourself and others.

Practical details

Duration and frequency of sessions:

Average duration of a session: 2h30 +/- 30min

Frequency: 1 session per month

Business leaders or team managers.
Anyone who has to deal with emotions for themselves or for others.

Anyone wishing to better manage their emotions, understand themselves better, get to know themselves better.


Have taken one of the training sessions on the development of emotional intelligence skills.

Number of participants :

Between 4 and 8

Supports provided:

- Document

- FYC memo cards

- Personal online development space

skills to:

  • centralize all information and documents relating to your development

  • capitalize on your experiences

  • access a documentary base

  • access new audio and video tools

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Example of issues dealt with in session:

Decision making

Preparation or decryption of a crisis situation

Public speaking

Difficult negotiation

Family tensions

Conflict management

Crisis management

Management of obstacles to change

Loss of motivation

Change of habit

Group coaching

Principles of group coaching:

The coach responds to individual requests one after the other, and manages time to ensure that each request is the subject of one or more sequences during the program. All the participants can intervene during the sequence. The cases treated are sources of enrichment, often spectacular, for each and everyone.

Course of a session:

Each member will have taken care to prepare the meeting beforehand by answering a short questionnaire. A first round table is made to share the successes, advances, difficulties, challenges of each participant. Everyone formulates their expectations in relation to the session of the day, then cases of emotional decryption are treated. The coach ensures that participants' expectations are met.

The game's rules :

By participating in a group coaching program, each member accepts and adheres to the following rules of operation:

  • respect for confidentiality - everything that is done or said within a group must not, under any circumstances, leave the group. A climate of trust is essential for the smooth running of the coaching process,

  • non-judgmental - all participants have the same desire to improve. A great difficulty for some may seem trivial for others and vice versa. Everyone develops understanding, compassion and kindness towards other participants,

  • truth - authenticity - group coaching offers an exceptional space of freedom and security in which everyone can "be" without mask or armor. Only then can one draw and develop one's true inner strength and power,

  • real and deep desire for change - coaching, a process of accompanying change, can in no way replace the personal motivation of the coachee. "You can take the horse to the river, but you can't force it to drink." ditto with the coachee who cannot be forced to change,

  • acceptance to step out of your comfort zone - accept to "pay the price" for change in terms of time, energy, letting go ...,

  • respect for the commitments made by the coachee during the session - the best ideas or decisions have no value or effects unless actions are taken to implement them.

CCHG de groupe et IE
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