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Christine - deep questions

I read somewhere that children under 6 confuse dreams with reality. And it made me smile because I want to say, not just children ... Adults also confuse reality with what their mind creates as a dream. They go through life with their inner eyes closed, unaware of it. And the day I first met Benoit Aymonier, a year and a half ago, I was one of those adults with closed eyes. And this trip allowed me to open them, to realize that we can go through all the emotions in the world without having to suffer. Suffering is not necessary when we are connected to our soul. As easy as that. As magical as that. As easy as that. Benoit knows how to connect me to my unlimited inner power with simple words. We all have it within us, behind our shells, armor and wounds. I wish you all to be ready to go through this, to cross your wolves and your dragons and to realize that behind the clouds, however thick they are, the sky is always blue and the sun always bright. I am grateful to life for having met Benoit, for what he gave me and for what it gave to the people I love through my metamorphosis.

Tarek - CEO - emotion management

I would like to thank Benoit Aymonier for one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, helping me understand and manage my emotions.

It was an indescribable experience that words cannot describe and that must be lived.
Welcoming and deciphering my emotions has been for me one of the most beautiful trips I have been able to take in my deepest intimacy.
Thanks again.

Elise - participant in the emotional skills development program.

I took the time before giving this testimony to properly assess the impact of the program in the long term. This allowed me to identify my real needs, but the techniques I acquired also allowed me to "go back in time" to correct the relational difficulties that had marked my childhood and largely polluted my adult life. They also allowed me to better identify my emotions, their causes and, thus, to better manage myself.

Even today, three months after having followed this program, I refer less and less to my files, but continue to decipher my emotions (more and more easily, more and more instantly).

Thank you, Benoît, for this tool which finally allows me to glimpse the sun regardless of the clouds which obscure the sky.

Of course, I recommend this program to everyone!

Jean François - Freelance IT engineer

Benoit helped me a lot to unblock a difficult situation. As a self-employed worker, we sometimes go through moments of discouragement, faced with masses of work or obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. Everything can stop.

Through his coaching Benoit allowed me to restart the machine and continue to move forward towards the goal.

I have benefited a lot from his personal experience in terms of organization and work discipline.

The coaching sessions allowed me to take a break, put aside the activities that overwhelm me for a while, and take the time to think much better about what is important.

My reflections under Benoit's coaching go much further and are much more effective than if I were alone.

Lina - Manager - Unblocking and conflict management

I had a serious accident, when I resumed my activity it was very hard and I still had a few physical consequences that my partner had not integrated.

We no longer agreed at all on the way the company operated and we could no longer communicate. In the morning I no longer wanted to go, I had my physical problems and I couldn't stand the working atmosphere.

I was very stressed, the pain resulted in knots in my stomach and stiffness in my back.

After having taken sessions with Benoit, it made me realize that I could not continue like this. It allowed me to approach the problem differently, by positioning myself in a behavioral mode so as not to be under the influence of my environment.

This work had immediate and effective results. I was no longer under stress. I was able to continue my work without pain and while meeting my goals.

Thanks Benoit.

Laurence - HRD - Tension management

I was faced with a delicate situation with one of my collaborators and I could not get out of this situation.
Our working relationship had reached a point where I was no longer able to exchange, dialogue with her. We shared the same office and the atmosphere was very heavy. So heavy that every morning, I already had knots in my stomach before going through the door.

The situation was delicate because professionally, I had nothing to reproach this collaborator with, but her negative attitude gnawed at me and I did not know how to tell her what I was feeling without fear of hurting or upsetting her. .
Indeed, every morning she greeted me with her little daily problems, she was always in pain somewhere, she always found me a problem to tell me and I could not stand her complaints and her systematic way of seeing the bad side of things. .

We were approaching the period of the annual performance appraisal interviews and I did not want to let my bad feelings towards him diminish the quality of his skills and professional qualities. Time passed and I felt more and more oppressed by this deadline.
It was by exchanging within the framework of coaching sessions with Benoît AYMONIER that I managed to really put words into my ills and to find a speech adapted to the situation and a method allowing me to present the facts and my feelings.

Benoît helped me a lot both in the discussions we had and in the time and means objectives set so that I can go to the end of my process.
So I made my appointment with my collaborator, as agreed, and explained to her all the points I had noted and which were important to me.
This exchange enabled this employee to become aware of her attitude and the effects they had on our working relationship. We both came out relieved to have been able to tell each other what was wrong between us, since of course she too was suffering from the blocking situation.

The evaluation interview that followed (several days later) was free from these relationship problems and was effective and fair.
I had never resorted to outside help via a coach and I really recommend it. What a saving of time and energy.

PS: there are of course always lessons to be learned from his experiences and there I also acquired a tool that I do not fail to use ... I say no more!

Thank you Benoît

Mohamed - Doctor - make a project succeed

A few months ago, I was confused. I was at the end of my university course and I had to start thinking about the choice I had to make for the future, in terms of not only my career, but also my private life. I no longer knew which direction to take. At the same time, and in the midst of this confusion, I had to finish writing a scientific article, I didn't know where to start ...

I called on Benoit Aymonier in this context because I needed to see more clearly to be able to move forward. At our first interview, he explained the principles of coaching to me and what I could expect from it. My main goal was to finish writing my article.

Three months later, the coaching mandate had gone well beyond the initial objectives. I had finished this article which seemed insurmountable to me at the beginning. Better still, concerning the rest of my professional life, even if I had not found "The" answers, I finally managed to ask myself the right questions. I think that was the best accomplishment of the coaching mandate!

Emmanuelle - DAF - unblock a situation

Benoit, I will go beyond the formalities and go straight to the body of the subject to pay tribute to you. You taught me to see everything in life in color, to accept everything as a gift, to express myself honestly, openly and with confidence, not to fear anyone, to strip chastely and to fight or cross the ghost fear to free me from it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Thank you for everything you have given me.

Helena - DGA - management of emotions and career management

Thank you for all the journey we had together, I really felt an important difference to understand and address my emotions, and another reading of myself.

I feel more confident to tackle the future, your support has been essential.

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