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Some examples of interventions carried out as part of my coaching practice


Here are some examples of interventions that I carried out as part of my coaching practice both on personal and professional issues.

Professional sphere
The loneliness of the manager

André manages a branch of 400 people and faces the difficulties inherent in "the loneliness of the manager". Coaching offers him a space of confidentiality and sharing allowing him to take a step back, decipher situations, make informed decisions, stay focused on what is essential to him.

Succeed in positioning myself

Marie was facing major communication problems at work. Overwhelmed by emotions, she suffered very unpleasant situations, to the point of wanting to leave the company, just as had been the case in her previous job. The work consisted of taking a step back from the events, identifying the triggers, putting in place strategies to get out of negative cycles, developing self-assertion in mutual respect.
After 3 months, Marie managed to put in place all the solutions she developed.
She eventually stayed with the company and progressed within the organization.

Communicate and manage

Nathalie, an SME manager, has difficulty communicating and managing her employees. Work on the management of his emotions and the acquisition of simple managerial skills have enabled him to streamline communication and obtain better results in the functioning of his organization.

Manage differently

Gérard, director of a multinational subsidiary, has to deal with the rapid development of his site and support teams with a lot of seniority and experience in this adventure. Coaching allowed him to adopt new managerial approaches by developing a "manager coach" attitude.

Alone in front of a mountain

Jean-François works freelance on large IT development projects and finds himself stuck and somewhat isolated in the face of what appears to him to be a mountain.
Coaching allowed him to take the necessary perspective for the proper functioning of the brain under stress.

Conflict with my partner

Lina is a company manager. All communication with his partner is either blocked or chaotic. Stress increases and manifests itself in worrying physical symptoms.
The awareness of what is under her responsibility, of what is and is not under her control, has allowed Lina to defuse the negative effects of stress and quickly find solutions to achieve her professional goals.

I can not stand her anymore

Laurence, HRD in an SME, no longer supports the negative attitude of her employee and is living this situation with more and more stress. Decoding situations, deciphering emotions, and preparing for emotionally intelligent communication allowed Laurence to break the deadlock.

Manage my impulsiveness

Pierre, team manager, reacts quickly and often regrets his excessive reactions. The coaching work made him aware of the negative assumptions he tended to make which triggered strong emotions. He was then able to defuse certain reactions and keep his cool and control in the face of events.

Personal sphere
Make decisions

Eva, a manager, has to make important decisions. Coaching has helped him take a step back, see it mentally and emotionally, and make decisions in line with his deepest aspirations.

Conflicts in my relationship

Nathalie lives under great stress with her husband and feels constantly attacked.
By taking responsibility for her emotions, she develops the detachment necessary for a renewed energy that allows her today to understand things in a more serene way.

Manage my temper tantrums

Thierry gets angry very easily which is harmful to his personal and professional relationships. By learning to feel emotions rise and to defuse them at the base, Thierry was able to reduce the intensity and sometimes eliminate the very unpleasant mood swings both for those around him and for himself.

I feel completely lost

Safa feels lost, does not know what direction to take in her professional career.

Coaching allows her to realize that her choices are guided by what she imagines being able to please her mother, obscuring her deepest aspirations.
The clarification of Safa's principles and values, and the confrontation of her assumptions with reality, allowed Safa to see more clearly and to begin a fundamental work on her life choices.

Get out of the turmoil

Samira is in family and financial turmoil following the death of her husband. Big emotional charges prevent him from taking a step back, from turning the page, and from facing the difficulties calmly.
A remarkable and swift job has been done by Samira to free herself from the bloats of the past, and to start living in the present for herself.

Free me from "what will we say".

Josephine suffers from always having to worry about what "others" think about her appearance or her behavior. Through the clarification of her principles and values, and through in-depth work on self-esteem, Josephine succeeded little by little in freeing herself from "what will we say".

Getting to be autonomous

Julie, married, 27, cannot let go of her father and is unable to make decisions on her own without taking, and systematically following, her father's advice.
Julie is very emotional and quickly loses her means in a conflict situation.
By shedding light on her emotional way of functioning, developing solutions and practical exercises, Julie has gradually taken responsibility and control of her life.

My shyness handicaps me

Jean is very shy and has difficulties expressing his thoughts clearly and precisely, making himself understood and others understand. It is a handicap for his professional development.
Through in-depth work on self-esteem, he gains confidence and begins a spiral of positive and constructive experiences.

Learn to manage my emotions

Tarek wants to develop his emotional intelligence skills. Through close support in all situations, the development of self-awareness and reactions, he was able to observe spectacular changes in his attitude, behaviors and relationships in just a few months.

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