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Commitment to ethics

In the professional coaching services that I offer to my clients, I undertake to demonstrate professional ethics by relying on standards of conduct generally recognized by the profession.
I rely on the ethical principles proposed by the International Coach Federation, the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and the Société Française de Coaching.

Rules of professional conduct
  • I establish a partnership with each of my clients based on mutual trust and we act accordingly to preserve this relationship.

  • I establish a coaching agreement with each client setting out the terms and conditions of the partnership and I am committed to respecting this agreement.

  • I only accept mandates that fall within my competence by examining objectively and beforehand with my potential clients their context and their expectations.

  • I am committed to subordinate my interests to those of the coachees, to avoid and declare any real or potential conflict of interest.

  • I consider all information received from my clients, including the existence of a coaching relationship, as confidential.

  • As part of a corporate mandate, the information received or collected from the coachee is communicated within the limits established with the coachee.

  • I am committed to respecting the responsibility of the coachee in his choices, decisions and actions.

  • I take responsibility for making him see the possibilities to achieve breakthroughs in his goals and his personal and professional development.

  • I am committed to recommending that a coachee who no longer benefits from my coaching find a coach or a resource person who would better meet his needs.

privacy policy

All information that you communicate to FYC or Benoit Aymonier is considered confidential. No information will be communicated to third parties.

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