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Who am I ?

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Mon Parcours

Engineer graduated from ENSAM in 1988 and from ESIEE in 2001, I have been an entrepreneur since 1994. I have led several structures, managed and trained many teams.
Throughout my career, I have continuously improved myself in the field of communication, management, and human resources management, and I have used the principles of coaching on a daily basis.

French by origin, I have lived in China, Australia and Tunisia. Bilingual French-English, I am also fluent in Mandarin (Chinese) and have a good knowledge of Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and German. My multi-cultural experience is undeniably one of the strengths of my coaching practice.

My leitmotif: to live in the presence and in connection with what is deeply essential to us. Over many years, I have acquired solid skills and experience in the field of the development of emotional intelligence, self-esteem and communication, which contributes to the excellence of the services I offer. Passionate about what is essential in existence and the ways in which human beings can manifest it in their life, I love and thrive fully in my profession. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Today, I intervene in both professional and personal life issues. (See types of intervention and testimonials .)

Member of the Coaching Academy and the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I successfully followed the Professional Coaching Training Program (PECP) with the Canadian training organization Coaching de Gestion and I obtained ICF certification in March 2010.

  • Self-management and emotions

  • Leadership, management, communication

  • Release / unblock situation

  • Change management / decision making / transition

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